The gurudwara management team works voluntarily to support the operations and development, working continuously since the inception of the first committee, the community has achieved and carried many projects for the community at the gurudwara. 


  1. New Kitchen

The New Kitchen’s building was built in 2014-15. It has all cooking and Fridge facilities. The Kitchen has also equipped with washing big vessels. Side of the Kitchen building have added new toilets which are for the Sangat as its members are increasing and these facilities were needed.

  1. Lift

The lift was installed in 2016- This was long overdue because some of our Sangat members find difficulty climbing the stairs. Now elderly and disable are enjoying the use of the lift

  1. Punjabi School

The School buildings were constructed during the terms of the present committee. There are than 100 young children studying Panjabi Language. The School is making excellent progress under the guidance capable teachers.

  1. Car Park

The Committee is in the process of creating more parking places for cars.