Proprietor of the Properties

The thought of building a new Gurudwara Complex arose in 1988 and the plans were lodged with the Bankstown City Council. Two of the trustees lodged a complaint in the Council that without their permission the executive committee of Sri Guru Singh Sabha had no right to lodge plans of the Gurudwara. The Bankstown Council rejected the development application for new building for the Gurudwara.

Then the idea rose to remove the trustees from being proprietors of the Gurudwara land and make Sri Guru Singh Sabha as the owner of the properties. It was a difficult task to get all the trustees to agree to that. Two of the trustees then signed on behalf of all trustees on 23rd day of September 1988 to transfer the properties to Sri Guru Singh Sabha as the new owner.      

At that time Sri Guru Singh Sabha was registered as uncooperative body. To make it into an incorporative body the committee had to change the constitution. The executive committee was in a hurry to transfer properties to the name of SGSS. They did not want any hitch.  So Model Rule was adopted as the constitution of the Sabha. So the process of transferring could go through.  It was decided that changes in the constitution could be made later on.             

Sri Guru Singh Sabha was registered proprietor all the properties. This transaction was completed on 16.11.1988 and Sri Guru Singh Sabha became the sole owner of all the properties which were in the names of 11 trustees.